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Nutty Matcha Smoothie Bowl

Nutty Matcha Smoothie Bowl

This recipe will change your breakfast forever! Medium sweet and creamy, it’s packed with fiber, protein and healthy f...
matcha beauty elixir

Matcha Beauty Elixir

Glowing skin, silky hair and strong nails are not a result of fancy creams but rather clean nutrition packed with antiox...
matcha macarons

Raw Matcha Chocolate Macarons

When you feel like chocolate, matcha and coconut in the same time, Raw Matcha Chocolate Macarons is what can definitely ...
Vegan Matcha Spread

Vegan Matcha Spread

Looking for a fresh morning spread idea? Try this Vegan Matcha Spread. Creamy and Exotic it goes well with toasts, panca...

Raw Goji Coconut Cake

Skincare cake? Absolutely! Raw Goji Coconut Cake is packed with antioxidants essential for healthy skin, nails and hair....
Raw Apricot Cashew Truffles

Raw Apricot Cashew Truffles

Raw, vegan and all organic, these colorful Apricot Cashew Truffles add a great dose of yum to any table. Enjoy this love...


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10 Healthy Snacks for Traveling

Staying sated and healthy on the go is easy when you have the right food in your carry-on. These appetizing snacks will ...

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